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Animal Arena APK 2023

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Adventure Islands
v1.0.4 for Android
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Nov 14, 2023
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DroidHen made Animal Arena APK, a free-to-play game where you fight animals. It came out for Android smartphones on November 13, 2023. There are many animals in the game that players can get and train to fight in events. People have said good things about the game's graphics, gameplay, and range of material.

In Animal Arena, players get different animals and train them to fight in events. There are different groups of animals, and each group has its own strengths and flaws. If people want to win events, they have to pick out their animals carefully and train them well.

There are different ways to play the game, such as a story mode, a competition mode, and a versus mode. People who play the story mode follow the journey of a young animal trainer who wants to be the best in the world. In tournament mode, players go up against each other in games to win prizes. Users can invite other users to one-on-one battles in the "versus" mode.

The fighting game Animal Arena is well-made, with great images, gameplay, and a lot of different things to do. Animal fighting game fans have to play it.

Features of Animal Arena APK

Animal Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can fight each other in real time.

  • You can pick from many different animals. Each animal in Animal Arena has its own skills and way of playing. There are many animals to choose from, like the lion, the bear, the eagle, and the wolf.
  • Improve your animals and get new skills: Winning battles and getting experience lets players improve their animals and get new skills.
  • Take on tough bosses with your friends: In co-operative mode, players can work together with their friends to take on tough bosses.
  • Win prizes by playing in ranked matches. Players can win prizes by playing in ranked matches and move up the list.

Additional Features:

  • Change how your animals look: Players can change how their animals look by giving them different clothes and other items.
  • Make friends and play with them in a clan. Players can join a clan to do this.
  • See replays: Players can watch clips of their fights to get better and learn from their mistakes.
  • Talk to other players: While they are playing, players can talk to each other in real time.


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