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NewPipe Legacy APK 2024

App By:
v0.27.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 10, 2024
11.1 MB
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You can get the data you require for NewPipe Legacy APK from the official API of the benefit you are utilizing, like PeerTube. The app peruses from the site or employments an inner API if the official API isn't accessible or can't be utilized for our needs (like YouTube). In other words, you do not require an account to utilize NewPipe.

Also, not one or the other the app nor the extractor utilize any paid devices or systems like Google Play Administrations since they are free and open source program. So, you can utilize NewPipe on phones or custom ROMs that do not have Google apps as of now set up.

Features of NewPipe Legacy APK

  • Up to 4K motion pictures can be watched.
  • You can tune in to music in the foundation and spare space by stacking as it were the music stream.
  • Popup mode, too known as "coasting player" or "picture-in-picture,"
  • Check out live streams.
  • Open or near the names and subtitles.
  • Look for motion pictures and music. (On YouTube, you can indeed select what nation the video is in)
  • Put motion pictures in a line (and spare them as nearby playlists if you need to).
  • This button lets you appear or cover up video data like labels and titles.
  • Hide or appear the following or comparative videos.
  • Turn comments on or off.
  • Look for music, recordings, playlists, collections, and feeds.
  • You can see through motion pictures and music inside channels.
  • Sign up for channels not having to sign in to any accounts!
  • Find out when channels you've subscribed to include unused videos.
  • Make and alter channel bunches to make it simple to browse and manage.
  • Look through the video bolsters that your channel bunches have made.
  • Look through your observe history.
  • Look through and observe playlists. These are farther playlists, which implies they come from the benefit you are seeing.
  • You can make and alter nearby tracks, which are spared and made in the app and have nothing to do with a service.
  • Get the video, sound, and closed captions by downloading them.
  • Use Kodi to open.
  • Some fabric is as it were for certain age groups.


NewPipe Legacy stands out as the best choice for individuals who care almost protection and value when they observe media. This app not as it were ensures users' security but moreover gives them a wealthy and interesting involvement with highlights like playing music in the foundation, downloading records in diverse ways, and settings that can be changed. It's a incredible choice for Android clients who need a solid and dependable choice to the official YouTube client since it's simple to utilize and cares approximately security. These changes to NewPipe Legacy provide clients full control over how they associated with video material.