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Swerve Hurdle APK 2024

App By:
Paradise Games Studios
v0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 06, 2024
36.8 MB
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To remain living, you have to move!

Press to move faster.

Swipe up or down to switch lines.

Swipe right to get over the rails.

Features of Swerve Hurdle APK 

  • A Great Way to Have Fun with Hurdles-The Swerve Hurdle APK gives you a exceptionally valuable diversion of the Jump bouncing workout. This individual has to time their bounce fair right to get past the obstacles and maintain a strategic distance from staggering or falling. The obstacles are put on reason to test how quick and deft the client is.
  • You can alter the level of difficulty.-The app has diverse levels of trouble so that individuals with distinctive levels of expertise can utilize it. Starters can continuously make things harder as they get superior at them. By utilizing this strategy, clients can gradually progress their capacity to bounce over hurdles.
  • Track how well things are going.-With Swerve Hurdle APK, clients can keep track of their advance over time, which gives them valuable data around their advance. Clients can see their records and keep track of how numerous bounces they've dealt with, as well as their best times and compelling clearing. This data makes it less demanding to track advance and see where advancements can be made.
  • You can alter the settings.-People who utilize the app can alter it to fit their needs. You can alter the tallness of the impediments, the number of deterrents, and the fashion of the track. This implies that clients can alter the workout to fit their particular objectives and needs for getting ready.
  • Picture impacts and sound impacts in 3D-High-quality 3D design and sound impacts in Swerve Hurdle APK make the diversion more locks in. The sound impacts and valuable excellence make the diversion more fun and bolt into you.


The Swerve Hurdle APK is a valuable instrument for competitors who need to make strides their speed and nimbleness. In expansion to advertising a fun and troublesome diversion of jump bouncing as a workout, it moreover lets clients keep track of their advance and make changes to their workout plans. With its locked-in illustrations and diversions, Swerve Hurdle APK is a fun and curiously way to work out.